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The service we offer

Same day DPF reconditioning service.

Thoroughly cleaned and restored back to original condition.

Cost effective and environmentally friendly.

No expensive DPF replacement costs.

DPF Regeneration photo.png

Machinery Used:

The latest Oxyhtech DPF cleaner.

This machine is designed for cleaning diesel particulate filters of any type of car or van in order to achieve the DPF regeneration, eliminating 100% of the soot and ash.

Oxyhtech DPF Machine.jpg

The Process


First the DPF unit is inspected internally and externally with a camera and light to assess its condition.


The flow and back pressure of the unit are then accurately measured before cleaning the DPF unit.


Using extremely high water pressure, the DPF is flushed through of all soot, debris and ash build up in the unit. This combined with environmentally friendly detergent ensures that your DPF is thoroughly cleaned as well as the waste being properly recycled.

After the DPF unit has been dried with hot air, the flow and back pressure is measured again to show the before and after readings of the DPF recondition.


Once a DPF has been regenerated and fitted back to the vehicle, it will need code reading and resetting to remove any warning lights that are stored in the vehicles onboard computer system.

This will allow the vehicles engine to run properly without having any warning lights on the dashboard.


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